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Travel tips for traveling through the Cancun Airport
Cancun airport is located at Cancun – Chetumal Km 22, 77565 Cancún, Q.R., México. You might find it in your flight ticket as CUN airport since that is the international IATA code for Cancun destination. There are 4 terminals within Cancun international airport: Terminal 2, Terminal 3, Terminal 4, and Terminal FBO (Fixed Based Operations). Terminal 2 runs domestic and international flights to Central and South America. The Terminal 3 runs international flights to North America and Europe. Next is Terminal 4 handles worldwide services. Finally is Terminal FBO receives all the private aviation and noncommercial flights.
The airport of Cancun was originally at a different location. It opened in 1972 and was placed only 1 mile away from the city. With a single runway and a wooden made control tower, it was fully operational until 1975 when the actual airport got opened. The control tower of the old Cancun airport was restored and kept. Nowadays it is considered a sightseeing attraction in Cancun downtown. Today you still can transit on the original runway, now is a big avenue in Cancun city. If you want to learn more about it, the City Tour in Cancun will take you there and show you more, since it is one of the sightseeing attractions in their itinerary. Check it out here!

Contrary to popular belief, arriving at the airport in Cancun should not be average pass-through aisles and gates. The airport is on its own a landmark for Cancun. Read the following facts and you will know what not to miss at the airport when you arrive:

Cancun airport is the second busiest in Mexico. Only Mexico City’s airport handles more operations. But it is the only airport in Mexico to have the capacity to undergo both takeoffs and landings at the same time because of its dual runways.
It is operated by ASUR, a private concession company. This concession has invested millions of dollars in the airport of Cancun to ensure the safety and comfort of all national and international travelers. Even though is not a huge airport it is very modern and efficient. You can visit the official Cancun airport website here.
Cancun international airport has the tallest control tower in Latin America. With 315 feet (97 meters) height also figures in the top 20 tallest control towers of the world.
To get the best sky views from the airplane, you might need to wait for the departure flight, since arriving from most destinations you get only jungle views. It is in the departure flights that you get a beautiful view of the Caribbean sea. Make sure you get the window seat on your departure flight see more info at www.flybyschool.com.


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